Simonetta Moro

The Other Drawings

before after camera china man crowd

Directions Gallery Fort Collins, CO

M.Lehene1 M.Lehene2 M.Lehene3 M.Lehene4 M.Lehene5 M.Lehene6 M.Lehene7 M.Lehene8 M.Lehene9 M.Lehene10 M.Lehene11 M.Lehene12 M.Lehene13 M.Lehene14
pastel drawing on paper with imaginary ruins based on London and the Colosseum

The Other Drawings
is a collaborative project conceived with Marius Lehene. It has been exhibited at the Directions Gallery, Colorado State University , Fort Collins, CO, in 2008.

The project focuses on borders and those crossing them. The Roma people of Eastern Europe became a source for a series of drawings. Their nomadic habits and recent political tensions in Europe brought them, as a topic, to a discussion that involved both our native countries - Romania and Italy. Relationships to the current US immigration issues were evident. In this project my drawing technique follows a situationist predicament: images from newspapers and magazines were first collected, then “detoured” by tracing them onto mylar with inks of various colors. Physically central to the exhibition space, a tent stood as a metaphor for a negative definition of geographical position.

In the picture: "Prima/Dopo" (Before/After), ink on mylar, 11x8"