Simonetta Moro

Art In Odd Places: Chance
Chance Drawing: Flâneur in the Mall
Proposed Dates: October 1-3; 9-10, 10am-4pm, 2010
Location: TBA, 14th Street around Union Square

With Chance Drawing: Flâneur in the Mall, I will interpret the observations contained in the Passagenwerken (The Arcades Project) by Walter Benjamin, in the context of a site-specific work that ultimately subverts the usual function of the department store. During an entire weekend a department store on 14th street in Manhattan will become an observation point and a drawing room: I will draw on the glass windows, which will act as a viewing device. The resulting drawing will be an accumulation of lines derived by the random movements of the people down below (see attached slides for examples of previous work, and for proposal plans), resembling lines on maps and charts. The drawing performance will suggest ways to subvert the use of commercial spaces by turning them from places of shopping and consumption into places of artistic production.

imaginary drawing over union square

The Panorama Project, January 28 - February 25, 2011
Hatton Gallery - Fort Collins, CO.

This solo exhibition will display a series of new drawings on the theme of the city. Large details of aerial views executed with graphite on paper will be displayed alongside ink cityscape drawings on long scrolls of paper. A wall drawing and a video piece will complete the installation.

imaginary drawing over union square